ecoe - ecosistemas

ecoe – ecosystems

ecoe – ecosystems is a collective initiative that promotes own production, community economies and the uses of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

ecoe – ecosystems: production, pedagogy and Blockchain.

It is aimed at people, communities, companies or institutions that want to start in Blockchain Technology, in order to update their economic models of production, dissemination, distribution, verification and analysis of results through the application of available tools and new generation.

Our main objective is to develop market models for artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, small, medium or large companies and institutions. For your works, products or services from the local to the global in verified exchanges.

We also look for our development models to be able to integrate social diversity and cryptocurrencies.

The ecoe collective is dedicated to the gestation, promotion and development of various initiatives with different degrees of Blockchain integration.


The developments and possible uses of the Blockchain make it undeniable that it provides interaction possibilities for creatives, entrepreneurs, small, medium or large companies and all types of communities.

Problem 1: Speed ​​- Adoption. The technological advances associated with the BlockChain go at great speed and the majority of the population has a slow access to their knowledge and use.

Problem 2: Technology – Society. The changes in mentality proposed by the BlockChain technology result in major social reforms.

Problem 3: Information – Disinformation. The information is abundant but it is widely disseminated among sources that compete and often obscure each other.

Ecoe ecosystem


The best information in relation to the block chain and crypto-economy.


Advanced analysis


Exchange systems.


Scope of solutions to specific needs of a person, community or company and its relationship to the chain of blocks or cryptocurrencies. APPs – DAPPs.

ecoe is NOT a cryptocurrency.

ecoe does NOT have its own Blockchain or MainNet.

ecoe DOES NOT have masternodos.

ecoe is NOT an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).


ecoe is human development

ecoe collective