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ecoe – ecosystems

ecoe – ecosystems is a project created to promote, strengthen and implement our own production, alternative and community economies, as well as the uses of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

ecoe – ecosystems: Pedagogy. Production. Blockchain.

It is also a web portal that acts as a directory or digital gallery of media, products or services that facilitates the exchange between the digital and the physical among people.

Who we are – ecoe team

We are a trans-disciplinary collective, dedicated to the gestation, promotion, diffusion and development of initiatives with different degrees of Blockchain integration.

We have been working on projects with cultural emphasis since 2012. We made (whois registration) in November 2017.

You can meet us at ecoe AUTHORS.

Social commitment: Vital Praxis

The objective is to empower people in their own economy, also to facilitate exchange among producers in a decentralized market.


The developments and possible uses of the Blockchain make it undeniable that it provides interaction possibilities for creatives, entrepreneurs, small, medium or large companies and all types of communities.

Problem 1: Speed ​​- Adoption. The technological advances associated with the Block Chain go at great speed and the majority of the population has a slow access to their knowledge and use.

Problem 2: Technology – Society. The changes in mentality proposed by the Block Chain technology result in major social reforms.

Problem 3: Information – Disinformation. The information is abundant but it is widely disseminated among sources that compete and often obscure each other.


We believe that technology can be an aid in our daily lives without being a replacement for our faculties. We talk about giving priority to Organic Verification, Human Administration and Counseling. Development one by one, pair by pair.


We are a human medium between the physical and the digital. We focus on communicating, producing and exchanging using our own tools, as well as open source or open source tools.

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How can you participate?

Write us about your product, service or project and tell us if you accept the challenge of learning, producing and exchanging alternative ways.

Participate in our AirDrop system.

Participate using Cultural Capital token in WAVES DEX

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We invite you to be part of the ecoe ecosystem team.
Pedagogy. Production. Blockchain.

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