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Capital Cultural

The project “Capital Cultural” is coordinated by the ecoe collective.

Capital Cultural en la Plataforma Waves DEX

Name in WAVES DEX : Capital Cultural

Token ID: CYPct2UozSw46mxU4DqpcXN8i3n4xi8KDhdkvNfVwBfE

Description in WAVES: Capital Cultural: Cultura es Poder. ecoe – ecosistemas 

Total tokens: 1.000.000 Capital Cultural 

Re-emitible: NO.

Capital Cultural logo 2019

What is Capital Cultural?

Capital Cultural is a Token aimed at the community of Artists, Authors, Producers, Local Creatives and the whole world. With the aim of uniting people in new concepts and forms of value and exchange.

Created on the WAVES Network Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

How to get Cultural Capital CCL

  1. You can change tokens of Capital Cultural by Waves in the Decentralized Exchange
  2. You can buy, sell, exchange for Cultural Capital products or services in our Telegram ecoe group.
  3. Participating in organic advertising with the different AirDrop of the ecoe – ecosystems platform. Real projects. Authors verified.

Use cases

  1. Capital Cultural can be used for donations, voting, auction or presale of works and products within the ecoe ecosystem. It can also be used to pay for Peer to Peer or “Peer to Peer” P2P services.
  2. Capital Cultural can be used as a form of exchange within and outside the ecoe community, between communities, people, companies or projects.
  3. You can invite other people and use Capital Cultural to know the world of cryptocurrencies.
  4. The model of creation and development of Capital Cultural in the WAVES Platform, is functional and adaptable, can be studied, copied and reproduced.
  5. Capital Cultural will be used to verify, vote and edit in the Collective Manifest Project of Art for the Blockchain era.
  6. You can support our BICIECO project by buying Capital Cultural.
  7. You can use Capital Cultural in the TOKENIZA project together with ecoe.



Autor – Productor – Negocio – Comunidad Producto – Proyecto WEB – Redes – Contacto
Fabio Lopera Desarrollos WEB. Asesoría. Productos. Recarga teléfono celular en Colombia.
Paola Caro Cocina. Jovita Colitas y Aplastados. Recarga teléfono celular en Colombia
Jovita Sabor de Cali
Jovita Sabor de Cali

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